Make score videos, right in the browser. is our web application for the creation of synchronized score-video works. Host, share, and discover composer portfolios on our new online platform. Sign Up for free today to get started with your composer account.


Score Editor

Our application allows you to make score following videos in the browser. It’s simple and powerful: drag-and-drop a .pdf score and audio file to get started.

Score Player

Our media player is optimized for score videos. Leaf through your score’s pages, access program notes and embed our player anywhere on the web.

Faceted Search

We have developed a high-performance faceted search engine that allows filtering through our archive of works by year, instrumentation, duration and much more.

Library Archives

Our project specializes in sourcing music from major and emerging composers. You’ll love the convenience of browsing our public, user-created, and collaborative archives on the website.

My Portfolio

All of our application’s features seamlessly integrate with your music portfolio homepage. Sharing it with your audience or professional contacts is easy and effective.


Create and share playlists of your favorite works for endless score study and discovery.

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Score Follower secures permissions from all relevant parties. We license, partner, and collaborate with numerous major and independent record labels, publishers, institutions and music organizations in an effort to promote contemporary music.

Year in Review

2021 was a great year for Score Follower! For one, our TikTok account really took off! We also improved our YouTube channels’ (Score Follower & Incipitsify) metrics across the board, resulting in a wider reach and engagement. Below are three exciting 2021 reports across all of our accounts:


🚀 +62,762 Hours Watched

🚀 45,425 Total Subscriptions

Since its inception, Score Follower has focused on promoting music of the past ten years by living composers.

Not only are we building an archive of music, but we’re building it in real-time. Most often, the works we curate are only one year old by the time we publish them to YouTube. These are works that are written by the composer, performed and recorded by the ensemble, and finally curated and produced by us, within approximately 12 months.

We publish 150-200+ new videos every year, the majority of which are from recent premieres! We are always seeking new resources to be able to increase the frequency of our uploads, and as our project grows, so will the size of our collection.

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