Robert Dahm (b. 1981) “imagines me into systems smeared along wires” for bass clarinet and percussion.

Richard Haynes – bass clarinet
Peter Neville – percussion

Simon Howard (1960 —  2013)

“The title of imagines me… is taken from British poet Simon Howard’s collection ZOOAXEIMPLODE. I feel a great sympathy with Howard’s work – I also ‘borrowed’ the title for my alto flute and accordion duo maps living among the ice of the room from him. Of particular interest for me is the way in which his text is simultaneously allusive and elusive: it is redolent with apparent signification, while refusing to identify a particular signification. In this light, each word becomes a cloud of potential meaning, a luminous and resonant point, multivalent. In tearing the phrase from its poetic context, even the vestigial interpretive cues present in Howard’s work are removed, result in a phrase that must, by virtue of its syntax (and, indeed, its very existence) mean something, but could mean anything.” / /
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