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performed by Björg Brjánsdóttir (bass fl. 1/leader), Marie Sønderskov (bass fl. 2), Flavia Huarachi (bass fl. 3), Sofia Kayaya (bass fl. 4), Beata Preisaite (bass fl. 5), Steinunn Vala Pálsdóttir (alto fl. 1), Marina Cyrino (alto fl. 2), María Ösp Ómarsdóttir (fl.), Christine Elizabeth Clancy (piccolo); NEKO3: Fei Nie, Kalle Hakosalo, and Lorenzo Colombo; Skúli Sverrisson (bass guitar), and Bára Gísladóttir (double bass); recorded by Alma Heide and Yangyadi Den; mixed by Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir.
VÍDDIR by Bára Gísladóttir (2020)
video edited by Andrew Chen

this work was selected in the Fall 2020 #FollowMyScore call for works

uploaded with permission from Bára Gísladóttir, performers, and Edition S

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00:00 VÍDDIR
57:54 Performance Notes

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