Politeia is a component of Richard Barrett’s massive work, Construction, which is the is the eighth and final composition of his series entitled ‘resistance & vision’

Performed by Elision Ensemble
Genevieve Lacey (recorder ), Carl Rosman (tenor saxophone), Richard Haynes (baritone saxophone), Timothy O’Dwyer (bass saxophone), Dafne Vincente-Sandoval (bassoon), Tristram Williams (flugelhorn), Benjamin Marks (trombone), Marshall McGuire (baroque double harp), Daryl Buckley (electric guitar), Domenico Melchiorre (percussion), Graeme Jennings (violin), Erkki Veltheim (viola), Séverine Ballon (cello), ELISION Ensemble conducted by Eugene Ughetti
Daryl Buckley (artistic director)

This work is divided into two ensembles: a quintet & an octet (designated by different ‘fonts’). These ensembles are often juxtaposed while playing starkly disparate textures and meters. The contrast is so substantial that the two ensembles cannot be represented in a vertical format in a traditional score; indeed, Barrett wrote them out sequentially, providing instructions for when the ensembles should play simultaneously. I hope that this Score Follower helps to demonstrate the ‘counterpoint of forces’ in a somewhat linear fashion.

This video was posted with permission from Richard Barrett & Elision Ensemble

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