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Performed by Kristina Warren
for ami by Kristina Warren

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This video was uploaded with permission from Kristina Warren and BMI.

Original video:
This is a re-upload. The video was originally uploaded on July 26, 2017 to Mediated Scores, which is being phased out as of May 1, 2020.

“for ami” consists of alternating vocal (improvised) and electronic (processing live vocal samples) miniatures. The screen score for the electronic miniatures consists of manual toggle-flip instructions for the Abacus, a novel microphone-mounted controller by Kristina Warren. Each miniature bears a distinct mapping of Abacus control data to Max patch sound parameters. And for each miniature, some four of the eight toggles are especially important to sound processing, so these four are scored while the other four can be improvised with. Thus, the animated score is both prescriptive and descriptive. Inspired by the delicate and disorienting vocal-electronic work of Ami Yoshida, “for ami” uses varied digital control mappings to explore connections between body, memory, and presence.

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