performed by Michele Bianchini
Bavardage de Tyresia by Giorgio Sollazzi

This video was uploaded with permission from Giorgio Sollazzi

Tiresias reappears in many myths, he is best known for his role in the legend of King Oedipus (Oedipus Rex). He pays for his powers with blindness.
“Bavardage de Tyresias” is part of my “phosphorus” mini-cycle. These are scores written with phosphorous acrylic that can only be read in the dark, “boosting”, from time to time, the brightness of the phosphor with flashes of light obtained with the camera flash. Phosphorus also alludes to brain matter:
The “light bearer” (phosphorus) becomes the medium of the soul’s expression through the brain faculties.
The music is closed using ancient rhythmic matrices derived from the ethnic music from around the world. These matrices, developed through my own algorithm are also transposed in terms of pitches and timbres. For all that the music is not purely intellectual, there is also subtle irony and self-irony.
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