Matthew Whiteside’s “The World in an Oyster, an Oyster in the World” for violin, cello and piano

“Everything is possible in the smallest things, from a single atom the world grew. ”

Recorded and performed at Glasgow City Halls on 13th November 2011 by Said Ensemble with Agnieszka Opiola, Rachel Wilson and Paula Fischer

Matthew Whiteside is a composer based in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2012 he graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a Masters in Composition.

His interest lies in the combination of acoustic and electronic domains through both the physical combination of both and being influenced by electronic genres such as Glitch music. Through this he explores aural phenomena such as beating effects in complex sounds and space within a room. When using electronics he is careful to give them a distinct personality in order for them to be an integral part of the ensemble which the piece would be incomplete without. / /
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