Untitled Three Part Construction (2014) for accordion and two percussionists by Michelle Lou
Performed by Trio K/D/M.
This video was uploaded with permission from Michelle Lou and Edition Gravis
Purchase score at the following link:
Product No.: eg2230
ISMN M-2057-2062-9

NOTE: We believe that Edition Gravis is doing a fantastic job supporting relatively young composers. When you see the blurred out parts in the video above, please do not assume that this is the result of pressure put on us by Edition Gravis. It was OUR idea that we proposed to them with the hopes of finding the most elegant and effective solution for promoting Michelle Lou’s work while simultaneously pushing to support her.

As we continue to make agreements with publishers, you will from time to time see this blurring technique. This will afford us the opportunity to post more works by established composers without the risk of infringing copyright.


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