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performed by Ensamble de Guitarras del CSMMF (dir: Sebastián Tellado)
Atolón by Cecilia Pereyra (2016)

Ensamble de Guitarras del Conservatorio Superior de Música Manuel de Falla (CSMMF) Director: Sebastián Tellado Director adjunto: Juan Wolf Guitarras: Matías Tozzola, Fernando Strasnoy, Ramiro De Marino, Nahuel Laviola, Mariano Bianco, Facundo Bianco, Pablo Fernández, Birgit Speer, Leonel Rojas, Pablo Santos, Martín Secchi, Bruno Leichman, Gabriel Evaraldo, Martín Trébol, Martín Espada Guerrero, Alejandro Ruscio. Contrabajo: Julieta Vida. Grabado el 18 de junio de 2017 en el Teatro Beckett, Buenos Aires.

this work was selected in the Fall 2020 #FollowMyScore call for works

uploaded with permission from Cecilia Pereyra on behalf of the ensemble

00:00 Atolón
15:15 Performance Notes

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