… for one or more musicians

Amy Denio, accordion
Clifford Dunn, flute
Emily Price, violin
Jeremy Jolley, guitar
John Teske, double bass
Josh Gailey, trumpet
Mara Sedlins, viola
Maria Scherer Wilson, cello
Mark Collins, double bass
Rachael Beaver, cello

Recorded live at the Chapel Performance Space, Sept 16, 2010. Scores revised 2012.

“These scores are intended for performance by one or more musicians. The horizontal axis represents time, the vertical axis represents relative pitch, and the quality of the markings denotes texture, relative duration, and density.

The original scores allowed for a wide range of interpretations. After a number of performances I wanted to add more direction to the work by defining pitch centers and removing the urge for excessive volume. I hope the latter of these revisions allows the listener to focus on the subtle changes in pitch and texture.”

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