Un Claro del Tiempo by Krzysztof Wołek

Francoise Kubler – Soprano
Mario Caroli – Flute
Silva Constanzo – Piano
Krzysztof Wolek, Damiano Meacci – Live Electronics

Un Claro Del Tiempo was commissioned by the 51 Warsaw Autumn Festival. The work consists of three movements, of which the first (Clamor) and the third (Pause of the Clock) were composed to the poems of Federico Garcia Lorca. The title of the second movement (Droopy Watches) refers to a painting by Salvador Dali, a friend of Lorca. The text used for this movement consists of the twelve numbers of the face of a watch. The electronic music of the work was created in cooperation with Damiano Meaci and the Centro Tempo Reale studio in Florence.

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