… for flute, clarinet, piano, electric guitar and double bass, played by the NOW Ensemble (March 2013. Pittsburgh, PA)

Performance notes:

Albumblatttt was conceived with a number of interests in mind. While the work is structurally and aesthetically rooted in art-music, it also explores modes of communication that are integral to certain genres of non-concert electronic music. As a result, the rhythmic identities in this piece should be observed strictly, as they are reminiscent of mechanical processes glitching and contorting in stringent ways. For the aforementioned reason, tempos should not drag, local phrase relationships should be observed aggressively, and the inertia within the modular sections should be upheld. While the piece is scored for 5 instruments, the instruments do not necessarily have an equal role in terms of sonic distribution. The instruments are all equally vital to the fabric of the music, but since the goal of this work was to create a specific tapestry of sound, an uneven compartmentalization of instrumental forces proved to be necessary.
-Accidentals carry through the measure in which they occur, including microtonal accidentals. This applies only in the given register. All extended techniques/directions are indicated in the score.
-It is imperative that all players consider their part relative to the full score, as contextual consideration defines the individual role / /
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