Nick Virzi’s “Altercation” for flute duet, played by Julie Lee and Samantha Yim

“This is my musical representation of an argument between two people, in four sections; Beginning of the Argument/ Storm out, Pacing, Return/Climax of Argument/Resolution. The resolution is not a typical kiss and make up resolution, but rather a resolution where the two people resolve their issues by moving on and reaching peace separately.”

From Composers Circle:
“Nick Virzi is a New York City based composer, currently studying at SUNY Purchase under composer/performer Du Yun, and recently composer/performer Huang Ruo. In addition to composing contemporary concert music, he is involved regularly in collaboration across various artistic fields, such as dance, film, and visual art. Aside from composing, Nick is also an active guitarist and private teacher.”

Thanks to the composer for providing the score. / /
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