Two brief sections near the end of Richard Barrett’s massive work, CONSTRUCTION.

wound IV : solo violin – Graeme Jennings oboe – Peter Veale clarinet in Eb – Richard Haynes percussion – Domenico Melchiorre lap steel guitar – Daryl Buckley cello – Séverine Ballon
ELISION Ensemble conducted by Eugene Ughetti

Hekabe-ß : soprano – Deborah Kayser contralto – Ute Wassermann countertenor – Carl Rosman piccolo/alto flute – Paula Rae bassoon – Dafne Vincente-Sandoval piccolo trumpet – Tristram Williams trombone – Benjamin Marks baroque triple harp – Marshall McGuire violin – Graeme Jennings
ELISION Ensemble conducted by Eugene Ughetti

Daryl Buckley (artistic director)

This video was posted with permission from Richard Barrett & ELISION Ensemble

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