performed by Meitar Ensemble and Ardeo String Quartet
Blanc sur Blanc by Ofer Pelz (2011)

For 2 ensembles – Meitar Ensemble and Ardeo string quartet.
Meitar ensemble :
Flute – Roy Amotz
Clarinet – Gilad Harel
Piano – Amit Dolberg

Ardeo string quartet:
Violins – Olivia Hughes, Carole Petitdemange.
Viola – Lea Boesch
Cello – Joëlle Martinez

Conducted by Renaud Dejardin.

Commission by the Zeitkunst Festival and Meitar Ensemble.
Premiered November 2011, Zeitkunst Festival – Radialsystem V, Berlin,
Recorded by Hervé Le Dorlot at the Art en Resonance Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Paris/Montreal 2011, 13′ Ca

Uploaded with permission from Ofer Pelz, Meitar Ensemble and Ardeo Quartet

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