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We make videos of contemporary music scores that turn pages along with the accompanying recordings. You can find our videos on our two YouTube channels: SCORE FOLLOWER and INCIPITSIFY, as well as our TIKTOK account where we transcribe the noise of the internet. We curate, license, and produce all of our videos in house and receive permission from all involved parties. Find our complete collection at the Score Follower Library to filter through our public archive of works.  We also help build the new music community through social media like YouTube, our Discord server, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our activities encourage exposure for new music composers, performers, publishers, and recording labels alike, through a meeting place on the internet that is accessible to all.

All of our uploads—scores, recordings, texts—are legally obtained. We secure permission from all relevant parties, including composers, performers, publishers, & record companies. We frequently collaborate with major international publishers, labels, and many smaller independent houses to make sure that we are respecting our community while creating the most reliable content possible. For a list of our partners and collaborators, scroll down and see below.

As a public collection of work made in the Western classical music tradition, Score Follower is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our curatorial decisions. Score Follower strives to keep these issues at the forefront of discussion through our curation and work in the community.

Our curatorial team is intentionally seeking out work by underrepresented and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) composers. Our directorial team actively seeks training and meets regularly to discuss Score Follower’s contribution to the field of contemporary music in this regard.

Score Follower strives to provide access to contemporary music for all. Through our activities, we also aim to strengthen, diversify, and connect our musical community. Our dedication to others in the field motivates our commitment to procuring legally obtained scores and recordings. By respecting our community and representing our field as well as we can, Score Follower aims to be a new kind of information resource and center for the online community.

Contemporary notated music can be daunting for those without formal musical education or guided exposure. We have met so many people who think they “don’t know how to appreciate” contemporary “classical” music. This might be because of a lack of music notation-reading knowledge, or lack of context for this kind of listening, or a feeling of distance from the instrumentation or rhetoric. Regardless, we believe that anyone who wants to listen to contemporary music should be able to, and should be comfortable in approaching it. As such, one of our organization’s goals is to demystify contemporary notated music through our score and recording videos, which provide core materials for study and discovery.

Our focus on scores and recordings comes from our individual backgrounds as formally trained composers, which emphasized the importance of written notation as both a document of and instruction for the music we hear. This rigorous background has shaped our expertise, score-reading skills, and perspectives on the field of contemporary music. We intend to take what we know and appreciate about the materials of contemporary music and extend it to those with interest but who lack access. Through our videos, we streamline access to these materials of contemporary music and provide a quality resource for our field in an approachable, relatable form. Our videos are the basis for our internet-based community, which serves as an open forum for engagement, discussion, and learning.

Directors— Dan Tramte. Ermir Bejo.  Zach Thomas.  Additional Curators— Bethany Younge. inti Figgis Vizueta.  Additional Producers— Andrew Chen. Kezia Yap.  TikTok Transcribers— Dan Tramte. Joâo Schnier. Sebastian Zaczek.  Additional Jury— Anahita Abbasi. Ania Vu. Anna Pospelova. Cedric Feys. Forbes Graham. Gleb Kanasevich. Lilijana Matičevska. Louis Goldford. Maja Bosnić. Mia Detwiler. Nebal Maysaud. Nina Fukuoka. Rocío Cano Valiño. Victoria Cheah. Yu Kuwabara. Editors— Matt Ertz. Monica Hershberger.  Discord Mods— An Avarage Italian. Fabian Blum. DerSibbe. StacheBuster.

Board of Directors— Chaya Czernowin. Dan Tramte. Ermir Bejo. Javier Hagen. José Julio Díaz Infante. Marcos Balter. Rand Steiger. Ulrike Mayer-Spohn. Victoria Cheah. Zach Thomas.


Directors— Dan Tramte. Ermir Bejo. Victoria Cheah. Zach Thomas.  Curators— Bethany Younge. Cedric Feys. inti Figgis Vizueta.  Producers— Andrew Chen. Kezia Yap.  Editors— Matt Ertz. Monica Hershberger.  Additional Jury— Gleb KanasevichMia Detwiler. Additional Development— Louis Goldford.

Board of Directors— Chaya Czernowin. Dan Tramte. Ermir Bejo. Javier Hagen. José Julio Díaz Infante. Marcos Balter. Rand Steiger. Ulrike Mayer-Spohn. Victoria Cheah. Zach Thomas.


Directors— Dan Tramte. Ermir Bejo. Victoria Cheah. Zach Thomas.  Curators & Producers— Gleb KanasevichArts.Codes Margaret Schedel. + Melissa F. Clarke.  Mike Smith.  Curators— Celeste Oram. inti Figgis Vizueta. Murat Çolak. Jack Langdon. Daniel Meyer-O’Keeffe. Kyle Hutchins. Lester St. Louis.  Producers— Andrew Chen. Gilberto dos Santos Agostinho Filho. Atticus Hebson. Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie. James McIlwrath. Kezia Yap. Luca Tacchino. Sytze Zeylmaker. Emmett Jackson.  Editors— Matt Ertz. Monica Hershberger.  Additional Jury— Cedric Feys. Mia Detwiler.


Directors— Dan Tramte. Ermir Bejo. Victoria Cheah. Zach Thomas.  Curators— Cedric Feys. Celeste Oram. Osnat Netzer. Ryan Fellhauer. Louise Fristensky.  Curator & Producers— Gleb Kanasevich. Michael Smith. Seth Shafer.  Video Production— Andrew Chen. Charles Van Tassel. Jacob Sachs-Mishalanie. James McIlwrath. Mariana Vieira. Peter Shin. Alejandro Sosa Carillo.  Editors— Kayleigh Butcher. Matt Ertz. Monica Hershberger.


Directors— Dan Tramte. Ermir Bejo. Victoria Cheah. Zach Thomas.  Curators & Producers— Claire DiVizio. Gleb Kanasevich. Kayleigh Butcher. Michael SmithRyan Fellhauer. Seth Shafer.  Editors— Etha Williams. Monica Hershberger.


Directors— Dan Tramte. Ermir Bejo. Victoria Cheah. Zach Thomas.  Guest Jury— Pierluigi Billone. Ashley Fure. Dmitri Kourliandski. Evan Johnson. Heather Roche.


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